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Increase extraction related  revenue by 6X

if you are billing through MEDICAL insurance, expect 6x payouts when utilizing the KometaBio autologous dentin protocol for bone regeneration. This is since you will be coding for autologous bone harvesting vs bone graft. Payout can be as much as $1200 vs $200 per extraction + grafting case. THIS IS SUBSTANTIAL

KometaBio’s protocols convert patients' own extracted teeth into autologous bone graft. Autologous grafts are not only the highest quality of care for the patient, but also cost effective, and the most predictable source for bone grafting.


Dental Support Organizations,
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Savings due to predictable outcomes that work perfect for a busy Dental Support Organization

Dentin graft offers outstanding predictability of outcome in the short term and long term of the case. These predictable results can be quantified into potential savings for your DSO. For example:

  • Utilize graft material that is natural and sourced from the patient for best results

  • Low inflammatory reaction

  • Fast and predictable healing with excellent long term site maintenance

  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination

  • Eliminates need for a secondary bone harvesting site

Predictable outcomes

Medical Billing for DSO's

Did you know...

In the USA, the procedure of converting a tooth into autologous dentin graft is recognized by MEDICAL BILLING insurance companies.

Medical Billing

Price Comparison

Not only is the SDG disposable kit is substantially lower in cost than 1cc of any other graft, it also offers the highest quality graft on the market.

NOW is the time to start utilizing GOLD standard autologous graft source from your patients’ teeth without the need to harvest a secondary site. KometaBio’s protocol mitigates the risk of infections and easily integrates with dentists’ workflow to achieve predictable bone regeneration at a fraction of the cost.

Price Comparison


I'm a diabetic. I was told that bone grafts typically would not work well for me. But autologous dentin has a chance. It worked great and my dentist was able to place implants shortly after the grafting procedure

Ziv M.jpg

Prof. Ziv Mazor

...That's why the autogenous dentin graft is so popular in my practice. It's predictable with excellent long-term results.

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"When my dentist offered to use my own tooth for grafting, it was a no brainer. Of course this became my top option since I knew it would work the best"


We are here to support your DSO from start to finish.

Starting with Educating your staff, providing all of the training necessary, and continued support throughout. We understand the importance of a cohesive workflow from office to office and will be there with you every step of the way to implement this process.





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We’re here to help you streamline your Dental Support Organization's workflow, ease your ordering process, and provide a cohesive and innovative gold standard solution for your patients’.

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