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February 20-22, 2020

McCormick Place West Building, Chicago


With more than 250 courses to choose from, this meeting offers everything from hands-on workshops, lectures, live patient demonstrations & a symposium discussing Oral Cancer.


February 28 - March 1, 2020

Atlanta, US

This conference will discuss the newest strategies related to minimally invasive Restorative & Regenerative Esthetics, new Digital 3D Work flows & a specific focus on the Full Arch patient with Teeth & Implants. The scientific committee invited leading Global Xperts to present their unique interdisciplinary concepts.


March 12-16, 2020

Tijuana, Mexico 

Plan and perform treatment on pre-screened patients according to your experience and level of training. Offering courses that emphasizes real world execution of implant placement, alveolar ridge expansion, crestal and lateral wall sinus graft augmentation.

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October 7-9, 2021

Dubrovink, Croatia

Join a weekend of professionalism and education delivered by highly recognized dentists in the gorgeous hotel Palace Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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