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September 17-22, 2021

Flonheim, Germany


IDEA Course - Autogenous Implant Surgical Procedures for the Esthetic Region (limited places) with Dr. Snjezana Pohl

October 6-9 2021

San Francisco, CA

This very popular course is featuring the utilization of autogenous tissues and procedures for implant placement. To master hard and soft tissue enhancement in the aesthetic area with proven and innovative treatment options is the focus.

AIE - Live surgery course with Dr. Scott Ganz and Dr. Isaac Tawil

October 7-10 2021

TJ, Mexico 

The intensive four day Live Surgery course is a chance for YOU to be hands-on and learn to perform on patients with Dr. Scott Ganz and Dr. Isaac Tawil in Tijuana, Mexico.


March 12-16, 2020

Tijuana, Mexico 

Plan and perform treatment on pre-screened patients according to your experience and level of training. Offering courses that emphasizes real world execution of implant placement, alveolar ridge expansion, crestal and lateral wall sinus graft augmentation.

Divas Event (1).png

October 7-9, 2021

Dubrovink, Croatia

Join a weekend of professionalism and education delivered by highly recognized dentists in the gorgeous hotel Palace Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Pikos Institute - Fully guided full arch immediate implant reconstruction: prosthetic and surgical protocol

October 7 2021

Tampa, Florida 

Give your team the tremendous advantage of being able to offer patients the highest precision and predictability in full arch surgical, restorative and diagnostic modalities. From this full-spectrum, multi-specialty course, you or your team will acquire the skills necessary to successfully perform the complete protocol for digitally planned, fully guided full arch restoration involving nSequence® Guided Prosthetics™.

American Academy of Perio - Annual Meeting

November 4-7, 2021

Miami, Florida

learn, share, and network with the best and the brightest in the field of periodontology.

American Academy of Implant Dentistry - Annual Conference

November 10-13, 2021

Chicago, IL

For 70 years, the AAID has gathered talented and strong-minded individuals to collaborate, educate, and elevate one another’s practices to optimize patient care.

KometaBio - Using Extracted Teeth as an Ideal Source for Bone Grafting Material with Prof. Ziv Mazor

November 11, 2021

Chicago, IL

The workshop will focus on the utilization of extracted patient's teeth as an autologous preferred graft material.Both dentin and bone are coming from the same origin and contain almost the same chemical composition , including the growth factors. A novel process transfers the extracted tooth considers as medical waste to a particulated ideal graft material with slow resorption properties. The process will be presented and demonstrated with a variety of clinical indications. The participants will practice the process manually.


Prof. Ziv Mazor

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