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Gordon Christensen
About the Smart Dentin Grinder
Interview with Prof. Binderman for Dental Radio - Poland. 

Prof. Robert Horowitz, Departments of Periodontics, Implant Dentistry and Oral Surgery, New York University, College of Dentistry, New York; Private Practice, Scarsdale, NY USA

Extract from an interview with Dr. Ziv Simon
by Dr. Howard Farran of Dentaltown. 
Dentin Grafts & Osseodensification
with Dr. Isaac Tawil

"I am fortunate to have been a very early adopter of the Kometabio Smart Dentin grinder, as I was trained by the inventor.  This technology allows me to take most extracted teeth and use them as bioactive bone grafts for extraction socket, periodontal regeneration and more.  The patients love that their own tooth can be used to enhance the rebuilding of damaged sites in their mouth from missing teeth, areas with gum disease to sinus grafting.  Clinically the results are outstanding as the articles my colleagues and I have published on this amazing technology demonstrate.  Biologically - the bone is vital as seen under the microscope in our studies.  This technology is something to own and use regularly, it's a game changer."


Dr. Abdulsalam Alrmali, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon & Oral Implantologist; Staff member at the University of Tripoli, Libya

"Nowadays, dentin autograft that I produce using the Smart Dentin Grinder is an excellent graft material. It is highly predictable and provides amazing bone formation after a few months. I like to use it with growth factors to get sticky dentin graft, easy in manipulation & control for all of my patients to get long term stability around teeth & implants."


Dr. Scott Puckett, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Wilmington Oral Surgery

Wilmington, OH  USA

"We have utilized dentin autografting for over a year. Patients are very accepting of the autograft option when all options are discussed. We routinely combine the graft with PRF. The results have been excellent."

Paul S. Rosen

Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS, FACD

Clinical Professor of Periodontology & Oral Implantology Temple University

Kornberg School of Dentistry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"A must-have in your armamentarium for when you are extracting a hopeless tooth and immediately placing the dental implant. The results that I have seen using the patient's own teeth as a graft material have been excellent, exceeding my expectations."

Dr. Marius Leretter

Dr. Marius Leretter

Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Victor Babes, Timisoara

“I’ve just managed to save a patient from a sinus lifting by using the extracted molar. Combining with the dentin with the PRF I did not open any package of bone substitute or collagen membrane. Not to mention the bone quality and speed of the implant placement! In the end, I guess I was more happy with the result than the patient himself.”

Ophir Fromovich

Ophir Fromovich, DMD

“Following the cases I treat with the Autogenic Graft made by the Smart Dentin Grinder, I can say it is the easiest way to get the BEST Autogentic Graft!"

Dr. Kanyon R. Keeney

Dr. Kanyon R. Keeney, DDS

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Richmond, VA

“I am very impressed with the ease of use, and more importantly, the clinical results."

Dr. Manuel Waldmeyer Med. Dent.

Dr. Manuel Waldmeyer Med. Dent.

Specialist in Oral Surgery

ICOI Diplomate
Kassel, Germany

“We’ve introduced autogenous tooth bone graft in our clinic to serve our patients’ desire to use their own tissue instead of foreign materials.  The dentin graft is handled the same as any other synthetic or allogeneic grafts during surgery, and allows us to make it a high quality and routine procedure in our practice. The results are a game changer - we consistently get vital hard bone very quickly."

Dr. Daniel C. Delrose, DDS

North River Dental

Ellenton, FL   USA

“My private practice has been using the KometaBio SDG for about two years. In six-month post-op CBCTs, the autogenous dentin graft is impossible to distinguish from native bone. My success is my patients' success! Which creates more referrals, so more grafting at an insignificant cost.”


Dr. Steve Wallace, DDS, MHS

Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Department of Stomology & Division of Periodontics

Medical University of South Carolina 

“We are seeing terrific results from using autologous dentin grafts for socket preservation, sinus grafting and ridge augmentation! This is a huge leap forward in advancing biologic surgery techniques in periodontics and implant dentistry.”

dr pohl.jpg

Snjezana Pohl, MD, DMD

"When the patient with dentin grafted sites returns for implant placement I feel relaxed and confident, knowing that CBCT will show great dimension maintenance, I`ll find a nice amount of keratinized gingiva and after flap elevation a hard tissue that looks like bone and feels like bone."

Ara Nazarian

Ara Nazarian DDS, DICOI 

"The Smart Dentin Grinder is an exceptional addition to my armamentarium in providing effective and predictable autologous graft material whether it is a single extraction site or full mouth reconstruction."

Issac D. Tawil

Isaac D. Tawil DDS

President AIE


"Once in a while, a new product comes along that not only changes your practice it changes your mindset. After using the Dentin grinder for the last few years we are setting a new standard in autogenous graft harvesting by increasing the quality and esthetic outcome of our case and decreasing the risk of infection and rejection." 

Gideon Hallel

Gideon Hallel, DMD

“Great idea, so simple yet genius. The Smart Dentin Grinder turns the extracted tooth into an Autogenic particulate graft – an optimal bioactive scaffold for the Socket Preservation. The healing results are excellent! The system is user-friendly and holds its own alongside high finishing standards."

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer Balart

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer Balart  DMD, MS.

Periodoncia e Implantología

Rehabilitación Oral

“I think dentin graft has really changed my way to treat patients. Its consistency, biological benefits, friendly protocol and of course the economic benefit, turn this graft into one of my daily practice tools for bone grafting procedures."

Prof. Ziv Mazor

Prof. Ziv Mazor

Leading Periodontist

Ra'anana, Israel

“I always prefer to follow the natural biology of my patients. That's why the autogenous dentin graft is so popular in my practice. It's predictable with excellent long term results. Furthermore, it's a great message for my patients. I use it whenever I can for any grafting indication."

autologous graft and Prof. Dr. Nelson R. Pinto

Prof. Dr. Nelson R. Pinto 

Graduate School of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

Faculty of Dentistry, University of the Andes, Santiago, Chile.

“The possibility to use autologous tooth as a graft for bone regeneration has contributed to open a new dimension in bone graft procedures. It is leading to achieve several benefits for our patients in a way that was not possible before, the synergy  with other autologous procedures is also raising the safety, predictability and biologic capacity in this new domain."


Dr. Sandeep Singh

BDS, MS Implants (UCLA, California, USA)


“For me the real test of bone graft is upon flap exposure and re-entry. The Partially Demineralized Dentinal Graft I get from the Smart Dentin Grinder provides me with real vascularized bone just 3-4 months after grafting. The bone looks and feels like real lamellar bone. My histomorphological studies confirm the fact every time. Certainly a terrific option I regularly stick to.”

“For 17 years I have tried to go the autologous way starting with bone harvesting then adding BCGF (blood concentrated growth factors). 5 years ago I began using the Smart Dentin Grinder® by KometaBio and felt my treatment philosophy became complete. This was the missing piece of the puzzle. We grew together, and now I can’t understand daily surgery without it. I perfected “Sticky Tooth” made with ground teeth and BCGF and have continuously been greatly satisfied with the results. The Smart Dentin Grinder® is indeed a smart logical choice. Please don’t discard patients’ teeth. It is a priceless source of bone regeneration in your hands, in no time.”

20191218_091129 ok.jpg

Gurien Demiraqi, DDS, MS, PhD 

PHD in oral implantology in the Faculty of Dentistry, Tirana University

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