The Smart Dentin Grinder

  • Adjustable grinding and particulate sorting time

  • Grinds tooth to particles of 250 - 1200 microns

  • Sorts out smaller particulate in a separate tray


Additional Specifications

  • Powerful and durable motor

  • Surgical grade stainless steel blade

  • Multiple safety features


The Smart Dentin Grinder unit offers two graft output modalities:

  • Mineralized Dentin Graft output

KometaBio standard protocol.  Use the Dentin cleanser followed by the PBS wash. 

  • Partial demineralized Dentin Graft output

Partial demineralized dentin graft will produce accelerated bone regeneration during the first phase of the healing process.  The protocol demineralizes only 10-20% of the mineral, exposing more Growth Factors and BMPs. It still leaves substantial mineralized scaffold. 

Protocol only adds 1-2 minutes to the overall process.

Inquire today about our GRAFT ACCELERATOR KIT.


Disposable Grinding Chambers

  • Single-use, sterile and safe

  • Surgical grade blade for efficient grinding

  • Clear cover to monitor action

Starter Kit

  • Smart Dentin Grinder Unit

  • 6 Sterile Chambers 

  • 6 Mixing Dishes 

  • 6 Bottles of Dentin Cleanser

  • 6 Bottles of Dentin Wash


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