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What are you getting paid for Bone Grafting procedures from your patient’s dental insurance?

Bone grafting can be a very profitable and predictable procedure whether you are offering simple extraction socket grafting or augmentation for implant placement

Why is it Profitable?

The KometaBio protocol is utilizing the extracted, harvested tooth as the source for the graft used in this autologous procedure. This qualifies as a bone harvesting procedure if billed through medical insurance. These types of procedures pay, on average, 6x – 8x the claim value when compared to standard grafting procedures. This amounts to a substantial revenue source for socket grafting procedures, or any type of grafting indication. Here are some typical examples:


Where to start?

Call us today at 866-772-2871 to learn more about how you can incorporate the Smart Dentin Grinder in your practice. Contact us at 

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