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Smart Grinder

  • The ultimate bone grinder

  • Control particulate size

  • Fast action

  • No maintenance or cleaning

Autologous graft

Smart Dentin Grinder

Why Smart Grinder works

  • Autologous grafts are the GOLD standard

  • Particle size of 300 - 1200 micron

  • Natural, bio-active, autologous material

  • Attracts Osteoprogenitors from the site

  • Undergoes Ankylosis (fusion) with the bone

  • Contains Growth Factors and BMPs

  • Strong, slow resorbing scaffold

Extracted tooth turned to graft

The results

  • Fast bone healing 

  • Reduced graft cost

  • Immediate attraction of osteogenic cells

  • Immediate stabilization (very little, if any recession) and predictable bone remodeling. 

  • Excellent, dense bone quality

  • No rejection, inflammation, disease transmission or fast resorption.

  • Works great to enhance implant stability.

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