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Top 5 reasons you should implement the Smart Dentin Grinder into your 2023 practice

As we jump into a New Year, we start to evaluate what we can accomplish, what we can elevate, and how we can make this year bigger and better. We know you are always striving to provide the best of the best for your patients, so here are some solid reasons why implementing the Smart Dentin Grinder into your practice will help you accomplish your 2023 goals.

  1. Providing the GOLD standard in grafting material to your patients’ will show them that you are going above and beyond to offer what is BEST for them.

  2. Do your patients ask you what type of graft you’ll be using? Imagine telling your patient that their own tooth will be used to create a grafting material, nothing from an animal, nothing synthetic, just their own organic biological material

  3. By using mineralized Autologous graft, you are using a material that contains growth factors, induces, and generates new bone.

  4. This also promotes fast healing, excellent osteo-integration, and is substantially less costly than conventional grafts

  5. Dentin graft releases natural GF and generates lamellar bone at half the time of non-autologous grafts.

  6. Readily available teeth eliminate the need for a secondary site to be harvested.

  7. The hard nature of Dentin provides a slow resorption process that maintains the height and width of the bone ridge for many years.

Dentin is an excellent bioactive graft with predictable results, don’t miss out on providing the BEST standard of care for your patients this year!

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