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Lose the Tooth, Lose the Bone. Socket Preservation with Dentin Bone Graft

We know that if you lose the tooth, you will in turn lose the bone. So, let’s talk pocket preservation.

It is estimated that 20 million teeth are extracted each year in the USA alone. 30% due to loss of periodontal support and mobility and 10% are wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and orthodontic related extractions.

In most instances we dispose of these extracted teeth as biological waste vs take advantage of the fantastic properties they possess.

Tooth Extraction Induces Significant Dimensional Changes to the Alveolar Ridge. Statistically you will see 3-6mm of width with, and 2-3mm in height for overall bone loss within the first year, that is %25 bone volume lost. With this type of loss, you are seeing diminishing aesthetics, loss of functionality, and fewer treatment options for your patient. A simple solution, graft every extracted socket with the patient’s own tooth.

“In order to prevent loss of alveolar ridge, it is indicated to immediately graft the extraction site!” – Dr. Robert Horowitz.

See the case below showing autograft placement post extraction.

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