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DON't let tooth extractions and dental implants scare you

be in control.

tooth extraction

Here is everything you need to know to be in control before your next tooth extraction


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Topics of interest

Important to know before extracting a tooth!


Can this tooth be saved?

YES! This tooth can be saved by converting it into bone graft, otherwise known as autologous grafting. There are many options for grafting but autologous graft is the best because it will speed up healing, integrate effectively with the site and will maintain the bone for the long haul. It will also reduce risk of infection and inflammation since it's your own biological material. Another benefit is that it should reduce the cost of the procedure since your own extracted tooth is used as bone substitute. 


Recycle your tooth!

When you recycle the extracted tooth into autologous bone substitute you are getting predictable biomaterial and excellent results every time. The tooth is almost identical in composition to bone. Using natural options that our body gives us is usually the best option. Certainly eliminates the possibility of disease transmission and infection. 

What is the difference between autologous graft and other grafting materials?


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