Your patient's extracted tooth is not a waste!

It's the best source for bone graft delivering outstanding results

Recycled teeth make the best performing graft 

Use the Smart Dentin Grinder protocol to convert extracted teeth into autologous graft, now within less than 8 minutes

Watch the process in this short demo

The results

Fast bone healing and soft tissue response, with immediate attraction of osteogenic cells and stabilization. With excellent and dense bone quality it delivers predictable bone remodeling, enhancing implant stability while reducing graft cost.

Before                        After

Why dentin?

Dentin, a natural bio-active autologous material, is virtually identical in composition to bone. Dentin attracts Osteoprogenitors from the site, undergoing ankylosis (fusion) with the bone. Containing growth factors and BMPs, it makes a strong, slow resorbing scaffold.

NEW! Mineralized or Partial Demineralized Dentin Graft modalities

KometaBio now offers the option to produce mineralized or partially demineralized dentin graft in the same unit!

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Nov. 2015 Edition

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Feb. 2016

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Isaac D. Tawil DDS

President AIE


Prof. Ziv Mazor

Leading Periodontist​

"...increasing the quality and esthetic outcome of our case and decreasing the risk of infection and rejection." 

“...That's why the autogenous dentin graft is so popular in my practice. It's predictable with excellent long-term results."

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